Amazon's MGM Studio to Produce Film on Bitfinex Hackers

Amazon's MGM Studio to Produce Film on Bitfinex Hackers
Photo by Irina Grotkjaer / Unsplash

In a riveting blend of real-life drama and high-tech crime, Amazon's MGM studio is set to produce a film about the notorious Bitfinex hack, a cyber-heist that shook the cryptocurrency world. The film, currently untitled, promises to delve into the intricate web woven by hackers Ilya Lichtenstein and his wife Heather Morgan, who stand accused of laundering a staggering 119,756 BTC, stolen from the Bitfinex platform. This intriguing news was first reported by Deadline.

While the film's title remains under wraps, it is confirmed that director Anna Marks will helm the project. The film will focus on the story of Morgan and Lichtenstein, who, after their 2022 arrest, confessed to masterminding the 2016 Bitfinex crypto-exchange heist. Their arrest brought to light a saga of digital theft, subterfuge, and the dark underbelly of the cryptocurrency industry.

Before her arrest, Morgan was an emerging rapper known by the pseudonym Razzlekahn. She also wrote articles for Forbes and worked in cybersecurity. This multifaceted background adds layers to her character, making the story all the more compelling for the audience.

The arrest of Lichtenstein and Morgan in the United States in February 2022 sent shockwaves through the cyber world. Shortly after their apprehension, Netflix announced a documentary series detailing the crimes of the duo, signaling the widespread interest in this modern-day crime story.

Recall that on January 14, 2024, Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, alerted the public to another hacking attempt on the exchange. The perpetrator tried to exploit a vulnerability in "partial payments," showcasing the ongoing battle against cyber threats in the cryptocurrency space.

The Bitfinex heist film by Amazon MGM is poised to offer a deep dive into the complexities of cybercrime, the evolving landscape of digital currencies, and the human stories behind these high-profile criminal activities. With the direction of Anna Marks and the fascinating backstory of its main characters, this film is likely to capture the attention of both tech enthusiasts and general audiences alike, eager for a glimpse into the shadowy world of crypto hacking.