LayerZero Labs Launches "Sybil Hunter" Program with 10% Token Reward, Starting May 18

LayerZero Labs Launches "Sybil Hunter" Program with 10% Token Reward, Starting May 18
Photo by Luke Miller / Unsplash

LayerZero Labs has announced a new initiative to combat fraudulent activity within its network, dubbed the "Sybil Hunter" program. This program is designed to identify and address Sybil attacks—where a user creates multiple accounts to exploit network services unfairly. The announcement comes as the company prepares for an upcoming token distribution, where integrity is paramount.

The "Sybil Hunter" initiative will officially begin on May 18, 2024, at 02:00 UTC. It offers a substantial incentive for participants: individuals who provide valid information leading to the identification of Sybil users will receive a 10% reward from the planned token distribution to the detected Sybil account.

In the lead-up to the token airdrop, LayerZero Labs has intensified its efforts to ensure fair participation by launching this bounty-hunting campaign. The team has emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining the network's integrity and has placed a bounty on information that can lead to the identification of rule violators.

To qualify for the reward, a report must include no fewer than 20 addresses. Furthermore, LayerZero Labs is still offering a self-reporting option, which remains active until May 17. Users who voluntarily admit to violating participation rules by this deadline can secure a 15% reward from their expected airdrop allocation.

This strategic move was prompted by the discovery that approximately 100,000 users of the LayerZero network were involved in Sybil-like activities. The CEO of LayerZero Labs highlighted the success of this initiative, noting that the information gathered through these efforts would aid in identifying others who employed similar software or methodologies to unfairly benefit from the airdrop.

Moreover, on May 7, the omnichain protocol team announced a collaboration with Chaos Labs and Nansen to conduct an in-depth analysis aimed at identifying and mitigating Sybil attacks. This partnership underscores the company's commitment to upholding the fairness and security of its network as it progresses towards significant ecosystem milestones.

Through initiatives like the "Sybil Hunter" program, LayerZero Labs is taking a proactive stance against network abuse, ensuring that its token distribution is conducted equitably and that the integrity of its platform is maintained. This approach not only deters fraudulent behavior but also reinforces the community's role in safeguarding the network's ecosystem.