In translation from English, messenger means "messenger" or "courier". The difference between the program and e-mail is that messages are transmitted very quickly. With E-mail, you can't talk so fast, because the mailbox is polled once every 5-10 minutes. If we compare with real life, we can say that e-mail is letters, and instant messengers are telegrams. Users of such utilities are often called Internet pager, as the technology of information exchange is very similar to a simple receiver of a personal call, but provides much more opportunities.

For text messaging

The instant messaging system works like this: when all subscribers recorded in your phone or contact list appear on the line, you are notified about it. Similarly, your friends see that you are online. At the same time, you can exchange information that is visible on the panel of your screen and in the window of the interlocutor's gadget, almost immediately. The only thing you need for such communication is the same messenger with the person with whom you want to exchange messages.

With the function of calling anywhere in the world

Messengers provide a free or paid opportunity not only to exchange information. Some programs provide a chance to call mobile and landline phones anywhere in the world. The only drawback of such communication is the availability of the Internet. If the user you want to contact is out of network coverage, the conversation will not work. You will be able to communicate with him after he comes online.

With the possibility of video communication

Some universal messengers greatly expand the possibilities for businessmen. With the advent of video, it has become easy to develop strategies, make decisions, and approve documents. A number of high-ranking executives use video conferencing. Employees of large companies spend most of their working time at negotiations or on business trips. Video communication service significantly reduces the costs associated with the forced separation of employees from work to move or fly to the place of business meeting, with payment of expenses.

How the messenger application works

Many people often use several messengers with different functionalities. The need for different exchange networks is due to the fact that there is no direct connection between them. Each utility has its own developer, separate server, protocol, special rules of use. However, all messengers work in one direction - quick contact with the right person or group of people.
With their help, not only text or voice messages are transmitted, but also graphic messages. Mobile versions with Android system are leading in the technology market, but a considerable number of users install instant messengers on PCs. The programs take up little space in the system memory, are demanding to the speed of the Internet, and work perfectly in Wi-Fi connection.

Popular instant messengers

Modern messenger - what it is in general, we have already figured out. The number of programs with text chats, voice communication is large and it is constantly growing. It is not difficult to choose the appropriate software for yourself, but it is better to focus on the preference of subscribers from the contact list to ensure effective communication with a large number of people. Before downloading this or that popular utility, it is worth learning more about their advantages and disadvantages.


One of the most popular applications for smartphones, which provides a quick opportunity for its users to exchange free messages. Eliminates the need to pay for data exchange Internet connection. What you can get after installing the application Whatsapp:
support for the most popular mobile platforms;
creation of group chats;
sending audio, video files, photos;
unlimited text messaging with your audience.
The developer of Whatsapp is an American programmer and entrepreneur originally from Ukraine, Jan Borisovich Koum. The messenger is very functional, so any person who has the slightest knowledge of the mobile Internet can deal with it. The disadvantages include incorrect display of statistics on some devices. The project does not have a version of the program for a personal computer.


Those who are not familiar with Viber messenger will be interested to know what it is. The application is available for both Android and Windows systems. The program works perfectly in the mobile version and on the computer, and the same basic functions are available for the PC. The strong point of Viber is the ability to delete messages not only from yourself, but also from your interlocutor. The ability to create public chats and channels allows users to consider the application the best corporate messenger.
Viber was developed by Belarusians, and the first client audience was iPhone owners. But after 2 years the version of the base for Android was launched. The popularity of the application is due to the possibility of free calls and perfect communication quality. The disadvantages include the transfer of only media files, the lack of video communication (only on a client with Windows services). Pros of Viber:
fast authorization;
lack of advertising;
sending videos, animations and other media files in chats;
various stickers that help to convey the mood of the interlocutors.

Messenger in Facebook

The messaging service from Facebook is distinguished by the fact that it synchronizes with the accounts of friends of this social network, and with the phone book. Among the advantages of Facebook messenger are optimization for a weak Internet connection (Lite version), absolute freedom of the program, support for many languages. It is necessary to mention the lack of the program. The most important disadvantage discussed by users - on new mobile devices there are system errors. The main features of Messenger in Facebook:
concise interface;
group conversations;
video calls;
exclusive emoticons, stickers, stickers;
protection of correspondence, personal data.


The program was created by Swede N. Zennström and Dane Janus Friis. Today Skype is a free software that provides video and voice communication via the Internet between PCs, as well as paid calls to landline and mobile phones. With this program you can make conference calls, transfer files and free messages. The main disadvantage of the application is the need for a high-speed stable connection to the Internet. Users often note poor quality video connection. The advantages of Skype include:
an ideal messenger for distance learning;
instant connection with a person located in another part of the world;
support for most operating systems.

Telegram messenger

Free messenger for smartphones, computers and tablets was developed by Pavel Durov - Russian programmer, entrepreneur, one of the creators of the social network Vkontakte. The program is focused on the whole world and is considered the safest among all. Other mobile messengers do not have such network security as Telegram messenger.
The creators took care of the safety of data and personal correspondence of its users, using strong encryption algorithms. The messenger is very easy to learn, and if something is not clear, the support service will come to the rescue around the clock. The downside of the application is the lack of voice calls, although, judging by the reviews, not all users need this service.

Google talk

What is a messenger in the phone from the world's leading developers, in general terms, is clear. However, not all users of popular protocols know that there is a similar software from Google. A feature of the program is a close integration with Gmail, ICQ, agent and the use of third-party applications protocol XMPP. Advantages of Google Talk - excellent connection quality, completely free messenger. Minus - you need to have a Gmail account.


Branded instant messaging service was created by Apple. The application looks like a standard chat, but the text field is enlarged specifically for the large screen of the iPad. The graphical interface element takes two lines and dynamically expands. In addition to correspondence, the program sends photos and videos from the gallery or taken on the phone (tablet). To find interlocutors, you need to enter a phone number or email, which greatly simplifies the search for a contact. The main advantage of the messenger is that it is absolutely free. Users pay only the cost of Internet traffic provided by their cellular operator. Although the developers have implemented the best encryption protocols and a convenient client program, you can communicate via Instant Messenger only with owners of iPhone or iPad.