OKX's NFT marketplace topped $60 million

OKX's NFT marketplace topped $60 million
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  • Overview of the key news: OKX's surge in NFT trading volume.
  • Comparison with other marketplaces like Blur, OpenSea.
  • Mention of Bitcoin Ordinals as a driving factor.

Market Analysis

  • Detailed statistics on NFT trading volumes.
  • Comparative analysis of market shares of OKX, Blur, OpenSea, Magic Eden, and UniSat.
  • Discussion on market trends, particularly focusing on the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals.

Expert Opinions and Interviews

  • Insights from Nick Ruck, COO of ContentFi Labs.
  • Comments from R.J. Ke, a researcher at Ethereum scaling firm Taiko.
  • Opinions from other industry experts, possibly including market analysts and cryptocurrency investors.

Bitcoin Ordinals and NFTs

  • In-depth look at Bitcoin Ordinals and their impact on the NFT market.
  • How Bitcoin Ordinals differ from traditional NFTs.
  • The role of Bitcoin Ordinals in driving OKX's trading volume.

Technical Aspects

  • Discussion on BRC-20 tokens and their significance.
  • OKX's collaboration with UniSat Wallet and its implications.
  • The development of BRC-20 explorer and its role in the market.

Market Dynamics and Investor Behavior

  • Analysis of market trends and investor sentiment.
  • Discussion on saliency bias in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Impact of retail investors and market hype on NFT trading.

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Examination of successful NFT projects on OKX.
  • Story of Ordinals-based Tap Protocol and its recent funding.

Challenges and Risks

  • Discussing the volatility and risks associated with NFT trading.
  • Regulatory challenges and their potential impact on the market.

Future Outlook

  • Predictions and forecasts for the NFT market.
  • Potential developments in Bitcoin Ordinals and their impact.


  • Summarizing key points.
  • Reflecting on the future of NFTs and the role of marketplaces like OKX.

Beginning of the News Story

OKX NFT Marketplace Volume Surpasses Blur, OpenSea Amid Bitcoin Ordinals Frenzy

In an unprecedented surge in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, OKX’s NFT trading platform has remarkably outpaced its competitors, Blur and OpenSea, in daily trading volume. As the latest data from DappRadar reveals, OKX recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $50.33 million as of 2 p.m. Hong Kong time, a figure that not only underscores its dominance in the NFT marketplace but also highlights the burgeoning interest in Bitcoin Ordinals among NFT enthusiasts.

The ascendancy of OKX comes at a time when the overall NFT trading volume on the Bitcoin network witnessed a substantial hike, soaring to $305.44 million in the week of Dec. 10 to Dec. 17, up from $121.28 million in the preceding week, as per CryptoSlam data. This surge sharply contrasts with the trading volumes on other blockchain networks like Ethereum and Solana, which logged $93.45 million and $90.74 million, respectively, in the same period.

Nick Ruck, the chief operating officer of ContentFi Labs, attributes OKX’s recent success to its strategic decision to enable the trading of BTC Ordinals NFTs. “This move has positioned OKX as the frontrunner in the NFT marketplace, while platforms like Blur and OpenSea, which have yet to integrate Bitcoin-based NFTs into their trading frameworks, lag behind in volume due to the soaring demand for Ordinals,” Ruck explained.