Survey Reveals Investment Trends in U.S.: One in Five American Adults Under 42 Invests in Cryptocurrencies

Survey Reveals Investment Trends in U.S.: One in Five American Adults Under 42 Invests in Cryptocurrencies
Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash

A recent survey conducted by Policygenius, focusing on financial planning trends among U.S. citizens, has shed light on the growing inclination of younger generations towards cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), diverging from traditional stock market investments.

The survey's findings underscore a notable shift in investment patterns across different age groups. While the stock market continues to be a staple investment arena, digital assets are seeing a surge in popularity, especially among Millennials and Generation Z, often referred to as 'Zoomers.'

Investment Preferences by Generation

  • Generation Z (Zoomers): According to the survey results, 20% of respondents from this group have invested in digital finance sectors, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs leading their investment choices. Surprisingly, their investment in stocks trails slightly behind at 18%. This indicates a robust interest in emerging financial technologies over more traditional investment avenues.
  • Millennials: This demographic remains the most active in the crypto space, with 22% having invested in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Millennials also show a strong preference for traditional stocks, with 27% holding investments in this area. This balanced approach highlights their pivotal role in the investment landscape, straddling both traditional and modern investment options.

Differing Attitudes Across Age Groups

The enthusiasm for digital assets is not as pronounced among older age groups:

  • Generation X (ages 43 to 58): Only 10% of respondents within this age bracket have put their money into cryptocurrencies, and a mere 5% own NFTs. This data points to a cautious or conservative approach to these newer investment forms among Generation X.
  • Baby Boomers (ages 59 to 77): The survey shows even less engagement with digital assets among Baby Boomers, with only 5% owning cryptocurrencies and an even smaller 1% investing in NFTs. This demographic remains more distant from the rapidly evolving digital asset markets.

The Policygenius survey illustrates a clear generational divide in investment preferences, particularly in how different age groups perceive and engage with the crypto market and NFTs. While younger generations are embracing these technologies rapidly, there is noticeable reluctance and traditionalism among older investors.

Additionally, the survey highlights potential political influences shaping the cryptocurrency landscape. It mentions that 48% of cryptocurrency holders in the U.S. are likely to support former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections. This piece of data suggests a possible correlation between political preferences and investment choices within the realm of digital assets.


This survey by Policygenius not only maps the current state of investments across various demographics in the U.S. but also signals a significant shift towards digital asset classes among younger generations, possibly reshaping the financial landscape in the years to come. As cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue to gain ground, understanding these trends will be crucial for investors and policymakers alike, to navigate and perhaps bridge the gap between traditional and digital investment preferences.