Binance and Gulf Energy Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange in Thailand: A New Era for Digital Assets

Binance and Gulf Energy Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange in Thailand: A New Era for Digital Assets
Photo by Zack Walker / Unsplash

Bangkok, Thailand: In a significant development for the cryptocurrency landscape in Thailand, Gulf Binance, a joint venture between the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the Thai company Gulf Innova, a subsidiary of Gulf Energy, officially launched its cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. This move marks a pivotal moment in the country's digital asset sector, signaling a shift towards a more embracing stance on cryptocurrency regulation and usage.

The Inception of Gulf Binance

The journey to this landmark launch began in May 2023 when Binance first announced its intention to establish a Thai cryptocurrency exchange. In the same month, the company received a license for digital asset exchange and brokerage activities from the Thai Ministry of Finance, paving the way for this significant venture.

Regulatory Milestones

The launch follows two months after Binance received permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand to commence operations. Initially operating on an "invitation-only" basis, the platform aimed to expand access to the wider public in 2024. This regulatory milestone underscores Thailand's evolving stance towards cryptocurrency, hinting at a more accommodating approach by the new government.

Gulf Binance: A Strategic Alliance

Gulf Binance, the entity managing the exchange, is a joint venture that brings together the expertise of Binance Capital Management and Gulf Innova, a subsidiary of the Thai energy conglomerate Gulf Energy. Gulf Energy, led by Thai billionaire Sarath Ratanavadi, is a major player in Thailand's natural gas distribution sector. Its diverse investment portfolio spans renewable energy, infrastructure development, and digital infrastructure projects.

Binance TH: Offering Seamless Integration and Local Currency Trading

On January 16, Binance TH announced that the platform is now accessible to all users meeting regulatory requirements. The exchange boasts a special order book for pairs with the Thai Baht and seamless integration with Thailand's banking system, facilitating easy deposits and withdrawals in local currency.

Impact on Thailand's Cryptocurrency Market

The Thai cryptocurrency exchange market, currently dominated by Bitkub, a Bangkok-based exchange with approximately 77% market share and daily volumes around 30 million USD, is witnessing a new era. Bitkub's most popular trading pair includes the Thai Baht and Tether (USDT). Other players like Upbit, which began operations in 2021, and Bitazza and Zipmex, are also notable, although Zipmex had to suspend trading in November due to regulatory issues.

Leadership Perspectives

Nirun Phuwattanakul, CEO of Gulf Binance, emphasized the extensive collaboration with Thai regulators over the past year, highlighting the meticulous planning preceding this project. Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, shared his vision of contributing to Thailand's digital economy, stimulating growth, and creating new opportunities.

Thailand's Evolving Cryptocurrency Regulation

Despite the popularity of crypto trading in Thailand, the previous government, backed by the military, prohibited the use of digital assets for payments in March 2022. In a significant policy shift, the new government announced plans in September to start taxing foreign profits from stock and cryptocurrency trading, beginning in January 2024.

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Thailand

The launch of Gulf Binance marks a new chapter in Thailand's cryptocurrency saga. It not only introduces a new player in the market but also signifies the changing regulatory landscape and the country's increasing openness to digital currencies and assets. With the government's evolving stance, the future of cryptocurrency in Thailand looks promising, offering potential growth and innovation opportunities.


The collaboration between Binance and Gulf Energy, culminating in the launch of Gulf Binance, is a testament to the growing acceptance and integration of digital assets in mainstream finance. As Thailand continues to navigate the complex waters of cryptocurrency regulation and adoption, the emergence of Gulf Binance is a step towards a more digital-savvy and forward-looking economy. The impact of this venture will be closely watched by investors, regulators, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, both in Thailand and globally, as it unfolds a new chapter in the evolving narrative of digital assets.