Honduras Special Zone Embraces Bitcoin, Bolstering Financial Freedom

Honduras Special Zone Embraces Bitcoin, Bolstering Financial Freedom
Photo by Héctor Emilio Gonzalez / Unsplash


In a groundbreaking move, Próspera, a special economic zone in Roatan, Honduras, has officially recognized Bitcoin as a unit of account. This significant development, less than two years after Bitcoin was adopted as legal tender, marks a new era of financial autonomy in the region. Jorge Colindres, the tax commissioner of Próspera’s Zone for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), announced this evolution in monetary policy, emphasizing the expansion of financial and monetary freedom for individuals and businesses within the zone.

The Emergence of Bitcoin in Próspera

Bitcoin's journey in Próspera began in April 2022 when it was declared legal tender, following the footsteps of Honduras' neighbor, El Salvador. This latest move to recognize Bitcoin as a unit of account allows for the cryptocurrency to be used in measuring the market value of goods and services. The initiative, led by Jorge Colindres, aims to empower residents and businesses with greater control over their financial transactions.

Announcement and Motivation

The announcement, made via a post on X (formerly Twitter), detailed the zone's commitment to monetary autonomy. Colindres stated, "At @ProsperaZEDE we believe in the right to financial freedom and monetary freedom. People should be free to carry out transactions, do their accounting and report taxes in the currency of their choice.” This approach aligns with the global trend of embracing digital currencies to enhance economic flexibility.

Practical Implications of the Change

While Bitcoin can now be used for internal accounting and market valuation in Próspera, there are some technological and regulatory hurdles to overcome before the “Final BTC Tax Payment Procedure” can be implemented. Currently, Bitcoin-electing entities will determine their tax liabilities in Bitcoin but report them in U.S. dollars or Honduran lempira. The ultimate goal is for these entities to report and pay taxes directly in Bitcoin once the existing issues are resolved.

Procedural Requirements

Entities wishing to adopt Bitcoin for their financial operations must notify the Próspera’s tax commission within 30 days of the relevant tax period, referencing an approved cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Kraken. This requirement ensures a standardized and regulated approach to the use of Bitcoin in the zone.

Background of Próspera ZEDE

Launched in May 2020 on Roatán's northern island, Próspera ZEDE has rapidly emerged as a competitive economic region in Latin America. In its three-year tenure, it has attracted over $100 million in investment and created more than 3,000 jobs. The adoption of Bitcoin is seen as a continuation of its forward-thinking economic policies.

Impact on the Region

This policy is more than just a financial maneuver; it's a statement about the future of economic operations in Latin America. By embracing Bitcoin, Próspera positions itself at the forefront of the digital currency revolution, offering a unique model for other regions considering similar moves.

Educational Initiatives

Understanding the importance of education in this transition, efforts are being made to educate the populace about Bitcoin. From informational campaigns to workshops, Próspera aims to ensure that its residents are well-equipped to navigate this new financial landscape.


The official recognition of Bitcoin as a unit of account in Próspera ZEDE is a bold step towards financial innovation. It reflects a growing global trend of integrating digital currencies into mainstream economic systems. As Próspera navigates the challenges and opportunities of this decision, it sets a precedent for other regions exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies in enhancing economic autonomy and flexibility.