Mint Project Team Announces Mainnet Launch for Developers and Introduces GreenID SBT Tokens for Mint Forest Users

Mint Project Team Announces Mainnet Launch for Developers and Introduces GreenID SBT Tokens for Mint Forest Users
Photo by Tomáš Malík / Unsplash

The team behind the Mint blockchain has officially announced the launch of a mainnet specifically tailored for developers. This development is a significant step in allowing them to test their solutions in a real-world environment before the public rollout scheduled for July 2024. The mainnet launch is part of Mint's ambitious goal to attract a million developers and a billion users, aiming to accelerate the creation of a global decentralized system that enhances economic freedom worldwide.

Developer-Focused Mainnet Rollout

In January 2024, Mint conducted a hackathon, followed by the deployment of a testnet in February and the introduction of the Mint Forest project in March. These milestones mark the foundations of a dynamic ecosystem comprising various projects, cross-chain protocols, and wallets. Throughout the mainnet phase, developers will have the opportunity to deploy their products and infrastructure, helping to expand an ecosystem that already includes over 70 different applications.

The mainnet is based on the OP Stack, a configuration that has been rigorously tested in other prominent projects like Optimism and Base, ensuring reliability and performance. The adoption of the OP Stack signifies Mint's integration into the broader OP Superchain, which developers believe will benefit everyone from creators to end-users by providing a robust infrastructure for development and interaction.

2024 Development Focus and Roadmap

The Mint team outlined their roadmap for 2024 and beyond in their press release:

  • February 2024: Launch of the testnet.
  • April 2024: Official integration into the OP Superchain.
  • May 2024: The user base of the Mint Forest gaming project exceeded 360,000, with monthly site visitors on Mint Blockchain surpassing 3.2 million.
  • Q2 2024: Public mainnet release.
  • Q3 2024: Launch of major ecological development initiatives and the release of the NIP asset protocol standard library.
  • Q2 2025: Introduction of decentralized sorting mining and a reward distribution mechanism on Mint Blockchain.
  • Q4 2025: Release of a decentralized NFT indexer and a distributed metadata storage layer, providing developers with comprehensive infrastructure for NFT creation.

MintCore members are committed to providing extensive support to developers following the launch, with new decentralized applications expected to be introduced progressively.

Launch of GreenID and Benefits for Mint Forest Users

Alongside the mainnet announcement, the developers also introduced the GreenID SBT token, available to both existing and new users of the Mint Forest gaming project. The GreenID NFTs are designed exclusively for the Mint Forest community, storing user tree levels and accumulated energy (ME) on-chain. Each token reflects the achievements of players within Mint Forest.

These tokens offer several benefits, including:

  • User Rights: Tokens represent all features associated with MintTree in Mint Forest. Activation is required to participate in future distributions.
  • Bonuses: Activation increases the rewards received from MintTree by 5-20%.
  • Part of MintPass: Alongside MintID NFT and Mint Genesis NFT, accessible on the official website.
  • Visibility: After activation, users can view their TreeID, invested ME, tree level, and appearance at any time.

Activating GreenID

To take advantage of these tokens, users need to activate them by following these steps:

  1. Deposit Ethereum (ETH) for gas fees via a cross-chain protocol.
  2. Check the GreenID NFT Box in Mint Forest.
  3. Click to view the inactive token.
  4. Select the "Activate" option.

The Mint team emphasizes that only users with activated GreenIDs will be eligible to participate in the upcoming MINT distribution, which can be activated anytime before the airdrop commences.

The recent developments at Mint highlight their ongoing commitment to fostering a vast and dynamic blockchain ecosystem, enhancing user engagement through innovative solutions, and paving the way for substantial growth in the decentralized world.