OpenAI plans an investment round at a potential $100 billion valuation

OpenAI plans an investment round at a potential $100 billion valuation
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash


  • Overview of OpenAI's current position in talks to raise new funding.
  • Mention the potential $100 billion valuation.
  • Reference the anonymity of sources and the preliminary nature of discussions.

Background of OpenAI

  • Brief history and achievements of OpenAI.
  • Mention previous funding rounds and key investors, including Microsoft Corp.
  • Introduction of ChatGPT and its impact on the industry.

Details of the Funding Round

  • Potential investors involved in the discussion.
  • Comparison with other startups, particularly Space Exploration Technologies Corp.
  • Information about the tender offer in January for employee share selling at $86 billion valuation.

Industry Context and AI Frenzy

  • The rise in AI interest post ChatGPT release.
  • Investment activities by other tech giants like Inc., Alphabet Inc., and Salesforce Inc. in AI.

New Ventures and Expansion

  • OpenAI's discussions with Abu Dhabi-based G42 for a chip venture.
  • The ambitions of the Tigris project for competing in the semiconductor industry.

Management and Leadership Changes

  • The brief ousting of CEO Sam Altman and the subsequent leadership changes.
  • The impact of these changes on investor confidence and company direction.

Future Outlook

  • Potential impacts of the new funding on OpenAI's market position and product development.
  • Speculations on the future of AI and OpenAI's role in it.


  • Summarize the potential significance of this funding round.
  • Reflect on the growing importance of AI in the global tech landscape.

Starting Points for the Story:

  • OpenAI's Potential Valuation Increase: Highlight how the potential funding could elevate OpenAI's valuation to one of the highest among startups globally, underscoring the significance of AI in modern technology.
  • Impact of ChatGPT: Discuss how ChatGPT has shifted the focus of the tech world towards AI, leading to increased investments and competition among tech giants.
  • Leadership Dynamics at OpenAI: Elaborate on the leadership changes, especially focusing on Sam Altman's role and the brief period of uncertainty regarding the company's direction.
  • Broader Industry Implications: Explore how OpenAI's growth and the increasing interest in AI are influencing the strategies of other major tech companies and startups.
  • Speculation and Uncertainties: Acknowledge the uncertainties surrounding the funding round, including its terms, valuation, and timing, and how these factors contribute to the speculative nature of this news.