Telegram's Pre-IPO Valuation Hits $30 Billion as it Eyes Public Listing

Telegram's Pre-IPO Valuation Hits $30 Billion as it Eyes Public Listing
Photo by Eyestetix Studio / Unsplash

Telegram, the widely-used messaging platform, has recently been valued at over $30 billion ahead of a potential Initial Public Offering (IPO), as disclosed by Pavel Durov, the founder and owner of Telegram, in an interview with the Financial Times. This pre-IPO valuation stems from interest expressed by potential investors, including technology funds eager to purchase stakes in the company. Despite this interest, Durov has made it clear that the sale of the messenger is off the table until the possibility of an IPO is fully explored. “We see the IPO as a way to democratize access to Telegram's value,” Durov stated, underscoring the intent to make the platform's financial benefits accessible to a broader audience.

The messenger's audience has surged to 900 million monthly active users, a testament to its growing popularity and engagement. With the introduction of premium accounts and advertising two years ago, Telegram's revenue has reached the hundreds of millions of dollars mark, according to Durov. He further speculates that Telegram could become profitable by 2025 if not by the end of 2024.

Speculations from two sources in the Financial Times suggest that Telegram is likely to seek a listing in the United States once it becomes profitable and the market conditions are favorable. While Durov refrained from commenting on the specific timing or venue for the IPO, he mentioned that Telegram is "exploring several options."

This strategic move towards an IPO reflects Telegram's ambition to leverage its massive user base and innovative revenue models for sustainable financial growth. As the platform continues to evolve, its journey towards going public is closely watched by investors and industry observers alike, marking a significant milestone in Telegram's expansion and its impact on the global tech landscape.